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“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.”-William Gibson


/liga de artistas
<the first crypto fund for independent art in puerto rico>

*/Liga de Artistas will be the first crypto fund designed by SingularDTV for artists and creators to jumpstart the production of independent artistic projects in Puerto Rico. The goal behind the creation and launch of the Liga de Artistas crypto fund is to empower artists, musicians, writers, comedians, designers, filmmakers and more with funds and tools that would otherwise not be available to them.

Through Liga de Artistas, artists will be able to fund, create, distribute and monetize their art work within a tokenized ecosystem that allows them to transform their art (intellectual property) into value, directly from fans and supporters, without centralized institutions, record companies or film production houses, cashing in on their work. Within the Liga de Artistas tokenized economy artists will control the production, rights and management of their intellectual property without intermediaries, and therefore will generate more value for themselves, the creators./*

/tokenized ecosystem
<the artists consortium model>

*/The Liga de Artistas tokenized ecosystem is a shared economy built around the value generated by the intellectual property represented in the form of a token. Once intellectual property becomes tokenized, a tokenized ecosystem is initiated, in which the token can be bought, traded, utilized for access to content, or accumulation of rewards.

Liga de Artistas will be tokenized using SingularDTV’s dApp (decentralized app) Tokit. Through Tokit, we will create LIGA tokens, which will represent the total value of the IP created by the artists within Liga de Artistas. The economic model designed by SingularDTV for the Liga de Artistas tokenized ecosystem is called the ‘Artists Consortium Model,’ as it has been designed to function as a collective.

The value generated by the intellectual property that artists create will be shared amongst all participating artists and token holders. Artists will showcase and distribute their art through the Liga de Artistas channel, an entertainment channel within SingularDTVs’ decentralized distribution platform called Ethervision (release mid 2018), through which viewers from all over the world will get the chance to experience their work.

Zach Lebeau, CEO of SingularDTV, wrote an indepth explanation of how the artists consortium will work./*

<blockchain enterainment channel>

*/SingularDTV is an international EnTech (entertainment technology) company that provides innovative tools and funds for artists to carry out their projects from the creative process to distribution through an ecosystem of decentralized applications or dApps such as Tokit, SingularX and Ethervision.
The SingularDTV platform utilizes the Ethereum blockchain, a new decentralized peer-to-peer network that utilizes smart contracts to provide users with infinite possibilities, including fundraising, tokenization and distribution, among others.

These new technological tools, combined with the decentralized token economic models devised by SingularDTV, will change the current paradigm of artistry, leading to economic independence and sustainability. The current model of centralized control will be replaced by one in which control is in the hands of the artist and the public, substituting the intermediaries or monopolizing agents and generating an economic evolution of transparent and fair rights management for artists.

Through this model, millions of people around the world will be able to support and enjoy the art of their favorite artists, and the artists, in return, will not need intermediaries to reach their audience./*

<only Puerto Ricans please>

*/artists and creators working in digital mediums are welcomed to submit proposals at this time. In the future we will expand to various mediums including physical (vinyl, books, etc.) and ticketing for live events./*

<Please send your proposals and enquiries to> <>

*/include the following information within the proposal.
Detail how the requested budget will be used/*


<paradigm shifting material>

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